Depression isn’t permanent

The biggest threat to our fragile existence, is the erroneous cognition that feelings of hopelessness, devastation and despair are permanent emotional conditions. The belief that our current feelings are like unmovable objects is an incredibly powerful and potentially dangerous mindset. A suffering soul who believes their is no escape from their emotional pain and torment is vulnerable to self-destructive actions and behaviors, in order to escape an unpleasant condition they believe to be permanent.

Nothing is permanent, but anyone whose experience the worst neurological assault possible from trauma and depression, truly believed at the time that no hope would ever again be in sight. Our severely cognitive state of despair and numbness, deluded us from logics natural law of constant change to, “this is it. It’s not going to improve unless I disappear”. (Please don’t)

Nothing is permanent. Everything changes. No matter how tragic, no matter how glorious, no matter how spectacular, no matter how horrendous—the passage of time dilutes every experience. Take a moment to remember a time you physically hurt yourself, your dog or cat died, or the first time somebody broke your heart. At the time it was unbearable, but a few years later, the pain was replaced by happy memories or learned lessons to avoid future physical injury.

But, maybe you don’t believe me right now. Or maybe you do, but you’re past the point of considering times’ healing powers, because you don’t feel you can heal from your current suffering. It’s dark, its sitting between your solar plexus like a balloon filled with poison ready to burst. Fuck, I’ve been there. And since I’ve been there I won’t banter the point anymore that you WILL heal, because not everyone does unless they are willing to get help and try a few things to jumpstart their healing process. I’m just going to share some tools—some little tricks, thoughts, rituals and routines—I adopted whilst I journeyed through the numbing, tormenting feelings of “permanent despair”. Because not only did these tools aid in healing my depression, they offered me a new mindset and they well, recycled my life.